Camera Ready Cosmetics

 Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics used in Pro Makeup Kits.

Camera worthy cosmetics that treat, nourish and benefit the skin. Vegan, gluten, cruelty FREE. Non Toxic Beauty for Film/T.V. Formulas for glowing poreless complexions that look immaculate in front of HD cameras, or social media photo-ops! 

  • Ultra pigmented SkinCare Concealers, crease free water-proof, sweat-proof and act like a second skin. No cake-y build up.
  • Airbrushed finish Foundations, light weight, buildable coverage. Blends to a flawless powder finish. No touch ups needed.
  • Primers that work behind the scenes for a radiant canvas.
  • Ultra fine powders, with no flashback, or sparkle
  • Colour correcter that is light reflecting, and instantly brightens dark cirlcles and puffiness under eyes.
  • Citrus spirits Skin Care with plant based ingredients to take off makeup and clean brushes. No washing required. 

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