There are countless skincare and cosmetics on the market that simply beautify. But what if it could do more? What if there was a skincare cosmetic Brand that  could conceal medical conditions, and skin imperfections? What if they could aid in pre and post surgical procedures or dermatological skin concerns. Sweet LeiLani can! 

How We Began
Superficial Beauty to Wellness

Meet the founder behind the Sweet LeiLani Beauty & Health Revolution

In the world of beauty, LeiLani, the founder of Sweet LeiLani, has emerged as a trailblazer. Revolutionizing the industry with her commitment to creating pure, plant-powered, clean, vegan, cruelty-free products that make an environmental impact with sustainability.

LeiLani's journey began with a humble desire to help others. She is one of few in Canada who specialize in paramedical corrective makeup. From volunteering in burn units to collaborating with medical professionals, she discovered a gap in the market for safe, effective
cosmetics that benefit and treat the skin.

What started as a one-woman operation quickly evolved into a thriving Brand, with Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics now making its mark in the Health and beauty industry.

LeiLani's dedication to providing education on better beauty options and highlighting the importance of clean cosmetics, sustainability, and the transformative power of her products, to navigating into the retail landscape on store shelves, to adapting to the online realm, LeiLani's journey is a testament to perseverance and the pursuit of excellence in the beauty business.

Initially, LeiLani’s career did not include building a company. Her span of work was in Film/TV, as a Makeup/Hair designer, and teaching embalmers how to make loved ones look natural. It all started with her volunteer work from a bedroom styling wigs for Cancer patients.

LeiLani’s greatest joy in her career has been the opportunity to help patients who are dealing with severe skin issues or have experienced traumatic events.

“It humbles me to be able to assist them in regaining their confidence through the power of makeup and skincare. Witnessing the positive impact it has on their lives keeps me motivated and inspired to continue creating products that make a difference. I can channel my creativity and passion into tangible results. The ability to innovate and constantly strive for excellence keeps me motivated to push boundaries and develop new solutions for our customers”.

LeiLani's journey from a bedroom to Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics exemplifies the power of passion and purpose in the world of business. Staying true to her mission by prioritizing their health and the health of the planet.  LeiLani's
dedication to better beauty and her unwavering commitment to her customers' well-being set a remarkable example in the beauty industry and beyond.

“I have always known how makeup transforms us on the outside, however, over the years I’ve come to realize how makeup transforms us on the inside.
It’s more than makeup, it’s therapy.”

Nationally Recognized

Corrective Paramedical Expert

With 33 years in the Cosmetic Industry, LeiLani wasn't content to remain a hair and makeup designer for Film and T.V.

One of Canada's few Certified Paramedical Makeup and Tattoo Specialists, she wanted to use her training to help others undergoing difficult physical challenges.  

It was her pro bono work with these patients that inspired LeiLani to create Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics.

Empowering Women

LeiLani is highly recognized not only for her pro bono work, but more importantly for boosting the self-esteem and confidence of those suffering silently from challenging skin conditions.

 Dedicated to empowering women, her knack is bringing out the inner beauty in her clients. This is the core of her brand.

Plant Powered Beauty

Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics are highly recognized within the medical industry as a skincare cosmeceutical option. Clients require pure formulas that incorporate pure, potent plant based ingredients, which allows the skin to breathe and heal.

Innovative formulas created with essential vegetable enzymes and botanical extracts that protect, feed and revitalize the proteins in the skin. while improving cell regeneration.

Cosmetics that treat and benefit the skin with buildable coverage allowing the skin to breathe and heal for everyday use or those that suffer from extreme skin conditions such as cancer/radiation, rosacea, eczema or burns and scarring. Ideal for those looking for clean ingredients.

Makeup that Blends, With Your Life


Although medical conditions initially inspired the development of her Brand, Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics started from a bedroom and now is commercially available across Canada and US for the everyday women.

Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics creates a spirit of body/mind integrity, ethics and creativity in the Industry. We are also part of a larger movement, meeting sustainability demands in the arena of environmental impact & labor practices.

Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics excels in creating Plant Based, Non-Toxic , Vegan, Gluten and Cruelty FREE Complexion products, with eco-friendly packaging creating better beauty for your health and the planet.

We have woven a social mission into our business. Holistic wellness meets sustainability.