Nationally Recognized
Corrective Paramedical Expert

When LeiLani first started her career in Film & T.V, the corrective makeup industry was non-existent. The industry focused strictly on glamour and no one addressed skin issues that both men and women struggle with daily.

LeiLani is one of few in Canada who is highly recognized as a specialist in the corrective paramedical makeup field.

She has been a pioneer in this field and is recognized in the industry for not only the specialized background in corrective makeup but providing an education platform to teach women why it is important to make healthier choices in beauty products.

Empowering Women

LeiLani is highly recognized not only for her pro bono work, but more importantly for boosting the self-esteem and confidence of those suffering silently from challenging skin conditions.

 Dedicated to empowering women, her knack is bringing out the inner beauty in her clients. This is the core of her brand.

“I have always known how makeup transforms us on the outside, however, over the years I’ve come to realize how makeup transforms us on the inside. It’s more then makeup, it’s therapy.” ~LeiLani

Although medical conditions initially inspired the development of her Brand, Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics started from a bedroom and now is commercially available across Canada and US for the everyday women.

Makeup that blends... with your life

A lifestyle Brand that covers...

- Health issues

- Medical issues

- Ethical issues

- Clean ingredients  

- 100% compostable material, using vegetable ink. Tubes made from recycled sugar cane and straw.

Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics creates spirit of body/mind integrity, ethics and creativity in this Industry. We also are part of a larger movement by meeting sustainability demands in the arena of environmental impact, labor practices.

 Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics excels in creating Plant Based, Non-Toxic , Vegan, Gluten and Cruelty FREE Complexion products. with eco-friendly packaging creating better beauty for your health and the planet.

We have weaved a social mission into our business . Holistic wellness meets sustainability.