Instagram is Creating a Generation of Conscious Consumers

Have you ever thought about what might be in that super trendy yet surprisingly inexpensive beauty product that has been all over Instagram? The packaging is cute and fun, but what about the ingredients that make up the product; are they cruelty-free? Where do they come from? Are they good for your skin? In what working environments were these products produced? 

The modern-day conscious consumer has had a ripple on consumer habits that has forced brands to adjust and pivot their strategies, especially when it comes to Instagram. Cosmetic brands have risen to the occasion over recent years to fulfill the values held by the current generation. Millennials and Gen Z have accelerated the demand for social shopping– one that values transparency, authenticity, and creates value for the community. This has prompted companies to reevaluate their value while allowing new companies to innovate and connect with consumers in ways that matter.

The culture of pushing more and more “stuff” on Instagram that is on-trend and inexpensive has shifted and adapted to promote the sustainability and “greenness” of the brand, putting what they stand for at the forefront of advertising. Beautiful and trendy packaging is still more important than ever to create space in the visual world of Instagram but beyond the social shareability of the brand’s aesthetic, but what can create an obstacle between a social impression and a conversion is who the brand is at the core. Are they cruelty-free? Are they good for the skin? Are they manufactured in ways that are ethical and fair? With the rise of influencers giving a voice to consumers themselves, consumers can set the precedent for what they expect from beauty companies in terms of calling attention to ethical and sustainable practices. 

25% of beauty buyers want their favourite brands to provide eco-friendly products, and a similar figure says they would be motivated to purchase online if they know the product or company itself is environmentally friendly and 45% of consumers in this segment say they mainly look to consumer reviews for online research before purchasing show that the power of the community and influencers alike can change the company’s trajectory. 

The impact social media has on the beauty industry as a whole is significant and the impact the community has on social media is even more so. Social media allows brands to not only be creative but to cut through the chatter and connect with consumers in ways that matter. 

At Sweet LeiLani, we are passionate about our sustainability initiatives and bringing the world makeup that is trendy and fresh but is conscious of what it leaves behind. Shop our bestsellers that are proud to be vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and fragrance-free with packaging that is made of sugar-cane, 100% recyclable and printed with soy ink. 

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