Less Gunk. Fewer Ingredients. More Good.

We all know that the food we put in our bodies and staying active is important to maintaining good health. But in that same way, what we put on our skin is important. It is our largest organ and the protective barrier between the outside and the inside of our amazing bodies. You would never purposefully eat food composed of toxic ingredients, so why would you put those same toxic ingredients on your skin?

Up to 60% of what you apply to your skin makes its way into your bloodstream, and that can make purchasing the right products possibly daunting if a person has to constantly worry about each ingredient. When you eat healthily, you’re nourishing every part of you with fresh, healing, nutrient-rich foods. Doesn’t your skin, your largest organ, deserve the same? At Sweet LeiLani, we don't keep secrets – we share them so here’s our take on the importance of clean beauty.

What is clean beauty?

Clean beauty is often associated with natural beauty, green beauty, transparent beauty, and other types of cosmetics that promote ‘cleaner’ ingredients. But since there’s no official definition for it, it can be difficult to truly understand what is protective for your skin. At Sweet LeiLani, we believe that clean-beauty products contain wholesome, nourishing ingredients derived from nature; offer amazing scents, textures, and experiences; and work really well, too. A product can only be as clean as its ingredients so we spend time sourcing ethical, powerful, and natural ingredients to provide our customers with the best possible experience in their clean beauty journey. At Sweet LeiLani, we don’t settle for less – we strive for less. We believe in less gunk, fewer ingredients, more good.

Our contribution to clean beauty

We have spent years collaborating with scientists and specialists to create safe, effective products so that you won’t have to spend your time reading every single ingredient or ever have to worry about what is secretly seeping into your body. All of our products are paraben-free, gluten-free, fragrance-free, vegan, clean, and non-toxic, creating a place for Sweet LeiLani to be highly recognized in the medical community.

How to get started with clean beauty

If you’re just starting your journey into the world of clean beauty, here are some of our bestsellers to get you started:

  • Cleanser: Our Hawaiian Foaming Facial is a natural foaming formula. Most foaming cleansers are made from sodium lauryl sulphate to create the foaming effect and can be damaging to the skin. Our cleanser is all-natural and loaded with vitamins to energize and refresh your skin.
  • Moisturizer: Our Island Moisture Cream is created with the intent to use day and night, free from many of the harmful filler ingredients (like petroleum or other preservatives) found in traditional moisturizers.
  • SPF: Our Purely Tinted Moisturizer is packed with nourishing ingredients from the earth, created from completely non-toxic ingredients, notably created without the use of chemicals called benzophenone and oxybenzone which are normally packed in sunscreens and can create long-term skin damage. All of our foundations and powders have sunscreen in them so you don’t ever have to worry about your skin not being protected.

You can feel safe using our products and feel secure knowing your largest organ and biggest protector is being fed plant-powered wellness. If you’re unsure what works for you, feel free to reach out to our in-house artist via email for a one-on-one consultation to find products that work for you and your skin.

Experience the Sweet LeiLani promise.

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