Navigating Burns / Scarring

When addressing the topic of makeup in the context of wellness for burn and scarred clients, it's essential to emphasize that not everyone needs makeup solely to conceal scars. Instead, makeup can serve as a powerful tool for enhancing self-esteem, boosting confidence, and promoting overall well being among individuals who have experienced burns or have visible scars.

Rather than concealing flaws, makeup can be a means of self-expression and a source of empowerment. By understanding and embracing the transformative potential of makeup, individuals with scars can navigate their healing journey with a renewed sense of self and the confidence to embrace their unique beauty.

Makeup can be therapeutic and empowering for burn and scarred clients, shedding light on the deeper connection between beauty and wellness. When covering your scar with anything, be mindful of the ingredients and the formula. The main goal should be to allow the scar to heal even while it is being covered up.

Before there is a scar, there is a wound.

We know that wounds have a healing process and that from beginning to end every little step is important for the best possible outcome.

Hindering your body’s natural ability to heal could lead to infection and further irritation of the wound, increasing chances of scarring. The most important time to keep your wound clear of infection is when it is still open. Your open skin needs to be kept as clean as possible so that it can heal faster.

When dealing with burned or scarred skin, it’s important to approach makeup and skincare with sensitivity and care. While very tempting, applying makeup is not a good idea during this phase. Makeup can also be a source of bacteria as tubes & bottles are not guaranteed to keep a product germ free.

Once your wound has closed and your skin has healed, a bit of makeup or cover up can actually help your scar.

Healthy skin is the foundation of any makeup routine. Focus on gentle cleansers and crèmes as well as sun protection.

Healthy skin is the foundation of any makeup routine.
Focus on gentle cleansers, crèmes and sun protection. 

Skincare Tips

Your scar will benefit from this protection from the sun as well.

This is a good idea especially if you are covering up a scar. A primer that contains high levels of vitamin C can boost the collagen levels within the skin. Producing new collagen will help replace the collagen that was broken down due to the skin injury. Using a primer will ensure that the scar is able to continue to heal properly even while using makeup.

One that matches your skin tone, and build coverage gradually to avoid a cakey look.

This will help blend foundation seamlessly into the skin, ensuring a natural finish and preventing makeup from settling into scars.

Concealer can be used over top of foundation to spot check areas that may have more discolourations. Use a foundation brush to apply only to these areas.

They can make scars appear more prominent. Use blotting papers throughout the day to control excess shine.

These are less likely to accentuate texture or scars compared to powder versions.

Keep your makeup tools clean to prevent breakouts or skin irritation, which can be especially important for sensitive or scarred skin.

When removing makeup, use a gentle makeup remover or foaming cleanser to avoid unnecessary friction on the skin.

Scars are more susceptible to sun damage, which can make them more noticeable. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 daily, and consider using a physical sunscreen that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide for added protection.

Remember that makeup is a tool to enhance your natural beauty, not to hide who you are. Embrace your scars as part of your unique story and identity.

Always, prioritize your skins health and be patient with yourself as you explore new makeup techniques.



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