Face, Body & Hair Care Duo

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• Foaming Cleanser and Shampoo - 8 oz

This multi-use foaming cleanser effectively detoxifies, energizes, and accelerates the cell renewal process by removing old skin cells and enhancing skin quality. It promotes healing of sensitive, allergy-prone skin, softening the effects of environmental damage. Its plant-powered formula is gentle and calming, making it the ideal solution for treating rashes, sunburns, eczema, vascular damage, and irritated, itchy skin.

• Island Moisture, Day/Night Cream & Hair Conditioner - 2 oz

Day and night cream with a bonus: it doubles as hair conditioner! A creamy texture, crafted with hydrating and detoxifying elements to shield against environmental harm and replenish hydration and shine.

Plant Power + Science

Sweet LeiLani is a plant powered skincare line with ingredients backed by science and supported by sustainability.

Holistically Ethical

Our products are holistically ethical, leave a small carbon footprint and help people without harming animals.



Complexion products that were formulated with skin conditions and allergies in mind.

Non-toxic ·ׄ Vegan ·ׄ Gluten-Free
Cruelty-Free ·ׄ Paraben Free
Fragrance Free


Plant-powered products that maximize your natural beauty with essential vegetable enzymes & botanical extracts.

Beautify, Breathe & Heal


100% compostable material.
Weaving social mission with business.
Holistic wellness meets sustainability.

Tubes made from recycled sugar cane / straws & packaging printed using vegetable ink.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Judi Whyte
Great Products!

I have been using the products for years now and love them!!

Deborah MacLeod

Although the skin care products are multi-purpose (skin, face & hair), my preference is face only. It is a great product. Thank you again.

Lurene Music
Love my products!

My "go to" duo! I love everything about these products

I keep coming back

I just restocked on these products, and I will continue to do so into the future! The cleanser removes makeup so well, and the moisturizer makes my skin feel amazing! I am thankful for effective products that are gentle on my skin. Also they smell incredible :).

Candace NEWTON
The ONLY products I will ever use

This product is 10000% beautiful for all aspects of the human skin hair and overall care regime. From face and body cleanser, hair shampoo, shaving and moisturizing, I wouldn’t let any else touch my skin ! For over 20+ years LeiLani has created pure, natural, vegan, and cruelty free products. Her passion and vision for only the purest products has been a benefit to us all from babies to medical condition survivors, burns, post surgery and more . I am grateful for her and all her products.