Beauty Corner

Instagram is creating a generation of conscious consumers
Have you ever thought about what might be in that super trendy yet surprisingly inexpensive beauty product that has been all over Instagram? The packaging is cute and fun, but what about the ingredients that make up the product; are they cruelty-free? Where do they come from? Are they good for your skin? In what working environments were these products produced? 
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Social Responsibilities
Beauty Lovers everywhere are increasingly looking for what the next eco friendly product is on the frontier - like natural clean formulations & ingredients. More and more people are consciously paying attention to environmentally responsible packaging options, frombottles and compacts to cartons,...
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The Journey
When I I first began my career in Film and T.V. in 1990, the corrective makeup industry was non-existent, the cosmetic industry focused only on glamour. As a Cosmetic Designer for Film and T.V., I am one of only a...
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